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Now Ladbrokes has a low rake

Rake and Commission explanation for Ladbrokes Backgammon :

The rake is the money that the house removes as a commission, and is based on how much money is being played for. The player who wins pays rake for both players.

Cash and Match type Games:
Total Winnings Rake

  • $50 2.5%
  • $50-$100 2%
  • $100-$200 1.5%
  • $200+ 1.25%

Match Games

When playing in a match, for each additional point after the initial point, a 0.125% rake will be added. This will be capped at 11 match points (1.25%).

Tournament play

No rake will be taken from the tournament play, instead you will pay a small fee which will normally be 10% of the buy-in.

Rake Comparison

As they say themselves, Ladbrokes Backgammon offers the most transparent and competitive rake in Online Backgammon.

Posted on: April 26th, 2011
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