Play65 now has 5000 dollar tournaments

Posted on: November 16th, 2011
Tags : Backgammon Offers, Play65

It’s time to prove you are one of the best; climb all the way to the top and win the fantastic luxurious prize.

You can participate in one of the biggest online backgammon tournaments on the largest real money backgammon platform.

The prize will be shared between 16 players.

Make sure you join so you can be one of them!

The details are :

First place Prize: 1400 dollars
Time: Every First Sunday of the month
Entry fee: 65 dollars plus 5 dollars

How to qualify:

  • Win a Sit&Go satellite tournament available 7 days a week
  • Win a daily scheduled satellite game, every day at 21:00 (GMT)
  • Buy a Coupon using your Store Points from the VIP area
  • The buy in on the day of the tournament is 70 dollars

Good luck!!