Sunday is premium prize tournament day

Posted on: November 16th, 2011
Tags : Backgammon Offers, Play65

Everythings virtual, virtual money, virtual tables and virtual dice.
The only thing that’s real are the fantastic prizes!

Play65 has created a couple of unique tournaments especially for Virtual Money players.

Although Virtual Money members have chosen not to play for money, Play65 have decided to give them an opportunity to receive a valuable gift.

Every winner will have a choice between 4 valuable prizes:

A PS3 slim 160 gb
An Xbox 360 slim 250gb
An Apple Ipod touch 4th gen 32GB
A Samsung RV510 Laptop

When is this event?
Date: July 17th and July 31st 2011
Time: 18:00 (GMT)
Entry: 20,000 Credits
Available to all Subscribers!

The number of seats is limited to 512 in each tournament. Make sure you secure your spot!

How do you get the tickets..

  • Register NOW to the Virtual Money 1 year plan; and get FREE entrance to the Premium Prize Sunday tournaments.
  • Register NOW to a Virtual Money 6 months plan, and get 3 FREE entries to the satellite tournaments. This will increase your chances of winning a free entrance to the PremiumPrize Sunday tournaments.
  • Win one of the Sit & Go qualifiying satellite tournaments offered at the Play65 site;  and get FREE entrance to the PremiumPrize Sunday tournaments.