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If you’re looking for an alternative game to play that won’t cost a fortune, is exiting and that has a great social aspect then why not try online bingo.
Even if you know nothing about it the basic rules can easily be picked up because playing is just a matter of marking off your numbers during the game and waiting for that all important full house.
Some bingo sites even offer game types where players can win some kind of a prize before someone gets a full house or are just about to.

Once you’ve gotten used to playing some bingo you’ll find that most sites offer a great deal besides including the ability to chat to other players and the staff running the site, play the available side games, take part in competitions, quizzes and tournaments and even play a host of other gambling games besides bingo.
There are hundreds of bingo sites on the internet and they are all eager to get new players to join up so they will frequently offer gifts and bonuses to achieve it.
As a bingo player you will probably end up having to spend some money on the sites you play on but if you take maximum advantage of the offers and promotions then you’ll probably end up getting more out of the experience.

Prizes and bonuses are given out to new players but they are also given out when people play bingo and of course, spend money.
They can be pretty good in some cases and range from free bonus money and free actual money to high value gifts like gadgets and even cars.
The type of game being played also makes a difference to what is at stake as the jackpots in the small bingo rooms can only be a few pounds but the pots in some of the large rooms or the nationwide linked game rooms can venture in to the millions.

One of the worries that new bingo players will often have is that of security and the trustworthiness of the many bingo provides out there.
When you look for a good site be sure to check that the brand is respected and has a good level of positive player feedback.
Trustworthy bingo sites can be identified by checking the footer of the homepage of the site for the details of the licensing authority and the random number certification.
If you are a UK bingo player then make sure you check that the licensing authority is whitelisted in the UK which means there is at least some kind of accountability.

Most of the good bingo sites that are currently available provide some kind of free bingo for players once they have signed up to the site and at least given their payment details so they can start depositing.
The free rooms will usually let you play for free at certain times of the day or for a particular length of time after you have joined.
The free bingo rooms that are meant only for practice usually don’t have any kind of prize to be won but some of them will offer real cash prizes and although the amounts in question won’t be that high, they can still be worth going for.

If you’re looking for maximum bang for your buck then 5 pound bingo sites are definitely the ones to look out for.
They are sites that have set their minimum deposit at five pounds which means that you only need to deposit five pounds to start playing bingo for money.
Not all of them have such a low deposit amount so you have to check the details before you sign up as many require players to deposit at least ten pounds.

5 pound deposit bingo sites are a great way or getting into the real money side of the game while keeping the budget nice and low.
If you sign up to a site and just play on the free games then it’s likely that you’ll only see some of it’s games and features.
Once you’re all paid up (even if it’s only £5) you’ll almost certainly be given full access to all the bingo delights the site has to offer and you’ll get the full playing experience that attracts some many people to the game.
Another great benefit of only spending a small amount is that if you find you don’t like the site you can just move on to the next one safe in the knowledge that you’ve only spent a fiver.

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